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25 Verde - A Five-Story Residential Building in Turin, Italy That Has 150 Trees Growing on Its Balconies and Roof

What Good is a Cottonwood Tree - from Forset Stewardship Notes

The Larch: A Love Story by Rick Bass. This essay first appeared in the September/October 2012 issue of Orion magazine.

Rant-ology!: Trees: The Beneficent Beauties Among Us by Renée Roehl.

The Issaquah Press: Enjoy Street Eats Along Issaquah’s Edible Landscape by Katie Larsen.

The Myth of Soil Amendments by Linda Chalker-Scott. When planting trees, it is best to backfill the hole with native soil because it encourages roots to grow out of the planting hole into adjacent soils. If there is a need (based on soil tests) to amend the soil, it is important to incorporate amendments uniformly throughout the entire rooting area of the tree. Considering that the rooting area of a tree is more than twice the width of its canopy, it might be easier to select a species of tree better adapted to the site.