Leaf, Root, Fungi, Fruit–a column in OutThere Outdoors.

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The speedy clicking of keys under my fingers is a sensation that gives me similar soothing pleasure as chocolate, ping pong or music. So, I love writing. For the last three years OutThere Outdoors (previously OutThere Monthly) has let me write a brief regular column on wild edibles. Check them out at Leaf, Root, Fungi, Fruit.

I hope to write more in the future about other topics such as horses, hunting, enthogens, and maybe some fiction. Creative expression is becoming my top priority in life and, along with writing, includes the development of my business, fixing up and beautifying our new shop, practicing violin, scribbling with friends, and occasional wood related endeavors. In 2018, my goal is to spend more time on creating and exploring what comes through me from the fountain of creative energy.

Given the contentious nature of our current political environment and the emphasis away from arts and nature, it’s clearly a time to deepen ourselves with creative expression and development. May the struggles of our society and world be matched but increasing artistic efforts.