Spirit Pruners is a coalescence of eager dedicated arborists who want to work with trees using the most current science, take great care of their clients, and have an eye for creative refinement.

After studying arboriculture as a hobby, Kelly Chadwick left a 14 year career in wine distribution to prune trees. He started with a few basic tools and soon began expanding, realizing there were a lot of trees that needed help. Other local independent arborists including Michael Sandborn, Paul Heindl, David Kazora, Christopher Re, Nathan Windham, and the staff at Spokane Urban Forestry offered invaluable guidance and support. We have now grown into a small company addressing many aspects of tree and shrub care and planting. The staff is made up of arborist/artist/musician/free spirits who work together in an unusually synergistic way.

The Crew

Kelly Chadwick

certified arborist, mushroom expert, polymath, adventurer, free spirit, founder and heart & soul of Spirit Pruners.

Wakan Burrows

craftsman, child of the universe, expert climber

Isaiah Crandall

musician, moral booster, foreman

Jose Villa

artist, photographer, removal expert

Amber Ramirez

forestry student

Anthony Morrow

disk golfer, student of life, support team

Dario Re

musician, artist, ornamental tree specialist

Whitney Jacques