We combine knowledge & skill with mindful observation to address the tree's essential needs and accentuate its natural beauty & form.

"There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them."

—Denis Waitley

"The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow."

—Chinese proverb

A major problem throughout the history of tree pruning has been the scant attention given to pruning as it affects the health of trees, while great attention has been given to pruning as it affects the desires of man.


Visionary Arborism

We believe work includes play, and commerce should be driven by conscience. Business owners have an obligation to help lift those around them and respect the natural world. Spirit Pruners is based on a set of specific principles that guide and inform everything we do. Learn more about what Visionary Arborism means…

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Services We Provide

Tree Pruning


We approach each tree using up to date research, attention to the clients needs and an artistic eye. This is our passion and we are dedicated to offering superlative arboriculture skills.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit Tree Pruning

Working on fruit trees can be particularly complex and is varied depending on the type of fruit, location, and goals of the client. Our unique approach was developed to be more “intelligent” than classic technique, incorporating current science, pruning schedule, appearance, and harvest needs.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

When a trees removal is warranted we have a team of highly experienced and exceedingly cautious experts to safely bring it down and repurpose the wood in our community.

Root Health

Root Health

Often a stressed tree can be improved by working on its root structure. Roots of poorly planted trees can girdle (choke) the base leading to reduced vigor, poor attachment in soil or even death. If caught early this can be fixed, freeing the tree to thrive.

Tree Risk & Health Assessment

If there are specific concerns about pathogens or structural flaws threatening a tree, we offer a consultation service based in ISA Risk Assessment methodology.

Planting / Replanting / Transplanting

There is more to planting than sticking a tree in the ground. Every tree we plant is evaluated for longterm health. We prune as necessary and the roots are assessed for proper orientation. If a tree is selected to transplant, we use the Airspade method to excavate the roots and cause minimal trauma.

Forest Health

An effort by local governments to reduce fire hazard has led to thinning project funding and is generally consistent with a healthier forest. We offer thinning to required specs as well as entire forest rehabilitation based on a less aggressive ecosystem oriented philosophy.

Education & Training

Correct ornamental pruning as a life changing practice and essential skill that should be taught to as many people as possible. We offer training to our clients on any job at the same price we charge for regular work. We also offer trainings to groups or communities so they can better tend to their own trees.

Structural Improvements

The most important adjustments for tree health are correcting structural flaws including defining a central leader, proper branch/stem ratio’s, spacing of scaffold limbs, and favoring strong branch unions.

Along with cutting or not cutting a branch, one has the option of “relocating” it. This can be achieved through untangling a twisted section, bolting branches together if they are rubbing, inserting spacers, or pulling and cabling them to inhabit a preferred location.